active CEO Podcast #82 Revital Golan Entrepreneur State Of Mind

active CEO Podcast Revital Golan Entrepreneur State Of Mind
Managing Director Anemone Ventures

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Revital Golan about an Entrepreneur State Of Mind, mentoring female leaders, how Anemone Ventures supports tech startups in Asia and why Taiwan offers a unique opportunity of a business friendly environment.

We also delve into growing up in a Kibbutz and serving in the Israeli military, pushing the human limits, failure is a part of learning, living your own life and balancing adapting and influencing.

Revital Golan – Entrepreneur State Of Mind

Revital is fascinated with technology
start-ups, aspiring future female leaders and being an active CEO. Known as a
tenacious and determined leader, who loves the great outdoors, cycling big
mountains and embodying diversity. She studied a MA Finance from the City
University of New York, an Executive Master of Science in Finance from Zicklin
School of Business and a BA Economics & Business Development from the Max
Stern Yezreel Valley College.

After a career in the Israel
Defence Forces, she moved with her family to Asia. Her roles included Project
Manager & Assistant to Commercial and Defence Attache at the Embassy of
Israel in Singapore; Country Manager Korea, Taiwan, HK Business Development
Asia for Berlitz International; and Sales Director Asia for MassiveImpact. She
founded Anemone Ventures in 2009 to help tech start-ups and SME’s establish in
Asia.  With a huge passion in supporting
the next generation of entrepreneurs and women business leaders she is the
Women Professor Rank technical Expert at Providence University, Asia Pacific
Desk Chief Representative for the University of Haifa Israel, and Chair of the
Women in Business Programme for the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei.

Revital talks about:

  • Military taught her discipline, decision making
    under pressure, teamwork and hardship.
  • Difference in leadership between Asia and Israel.
  • Having an entrepreneur state of mind.
  • How Asia taught her to be humble, be a better
    listener and observer.
  • Having a team that you can trust and build a team
    you can work closely with.
  • Her passion to bring start-ups and innovations into
  • Opening a company during the global financial crisis
    in 2009.
  • Why being an entrepreneur is a journey.
  • Now corporations are starting to encourage their
    employees to think as entrepreneurs.
  • Proven that companies that have diversity achieve
    better bottom lines and profit.
  • Being passionate about women in business and
    promoting more in senior positions.
  • Live your life, don’t live your kids life, husbands
    life or parents life.
  • Inspiring and empowering women in business across Taiwan.
  • Coping with low emotional times as an athlete or entrepreneur
  • Becoming a vegetarian at age of 16.
  • My continuous passion and will to challenge myself
    physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Growing gap between the rich and poor, educated and

CEO Performance Tip

Free Your Mind – We
need to be very disciplined and attentive with our focus currency. It has become
challenging to remain focused, be present and be attentive with globalization
and technology driving constant contact 24/7. We can easily be bombarded with
attention grabbing information, which can provide stressful emotions and be
challenging to filter. Our workplaces have become custom-built to destroy both
individual and team focus. We are exposed to constant chatter and noise in
collaborative working and open plan workspaces. Ever growing number of
scheduled meetings and internal emails can lead to overwhelm and scrambling to
get “real work” completed before and after work, as well as the weekends. How
temping is the lure of social media and social networking streams, status
updates and instant gratification? It is important that you actively free your
mind each day. This can be through exercise, meditation, walking in nature,
listening to music, spending time with your children, breathing patterns,
visualising positive and relaxing thoughts and for others it can be a walk in
nature. How are you going to free your mind today?


“Learn how to be your own cheerleader. Nobody is
going to give you a tap on the shoulder, oh my gosh, you did a great job. You
have to do it by yourself, you have to find your own mentors, you have to be
very determined for what you do and have to know how to adapt and change to the
circumstances.” Celebrating the small wins in entrepreneurship with Revital
Golan, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Don’t think that you are sacrificing anything for anybody else.  Your kids never ask you to sacrifice anything for them. When they become 18 you can’t say that you sacrificed your career for them.” Revital Golan explains why it’s important to do it for yourself, on the active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

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Anemone Ventures
Craig Johns
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