2CC Radio Interview Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo. Craig Johns High Performance Leadership and Workplace Culture Expert

2CC Radio Interview (10 Nov 2023) – Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo – Major Working From Home Fight Brewing

Working from home (WFH) looks set to become an even bigger workplace issue in 2024 as legal experts predict that employees could be in for a fight to continue remote and flexible working. Some employers are demanding workers come back into the office and a potential review of the pay of in-office and at-home staff is on the cards.  Other companies are trying to limit WFH hours for staff and change the salaries of purely remote workers. “I can see the benefits of working from home in a hybrid model, but for many businesses, WFH full-time doesn’t work because of the varying culture and collaboration dynamics that exist in each company,” Workplace Culture Expert, Craig Johns, says. “Going forward, I think there will be two types of businesses, those who encourage and embrace WFH and those who don’t, and really it’s up to employees to decide who they would prefer to work for.”

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2CC Radio Interview (6 Nov 2023) – Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo – Qantas Shareholders Have Spoken

A whopping 83% of Qantas shareholders have today voted against the company’s remuneration report for the 2023 financial year – the first strike for Qantas and one of the biggest strikes in corporate history. A second strike would mean a board spill. Incoming CEO, Vanessa Hudson, however, has narrowly managed to hang on to her long-term incentive plan. She will be rewarded with 335,000 Rights under the 2023 Grant, the equivalent of $1,3000,000. From an employee perspective, Hudson will be expected to focus on Qantas customers, employees, and shareholders. Her remuneration should be calculated based on the delivery of her KPI’s – as it is with everyone else in the corporate world. She needs to put her money where her mouth is, sacrifice her bonus, and focus on getting the Qantas brand back on track. Her job is to win back the people – not win back her own bank. 

The Canberra Times How Qantas Can Rebuild Customer Confidence

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2CC Radio Interview Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo. Craig Johns High Performance Leadership and Workplace Culture Expert

2CC Radio Interview (17 Oct 2023) – Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo – Why Are We So Consumed With Generational Bias?

Interview commences at 24mins 10sec.

In an era when we’re trying to minimise the harmful effects of conscious and unconscious bias in society, why are we so fascinated with generational bias? Generations shouldn’t be defined by the year they were born, but by the collective global experiences of that era. From Baby Boomers to Gen Alpha, all humans decide what they want and how they want to live based on the experiences they’ve had, not the year they were born. Those alive in the 90s got to experience the Internet changing how we communicate, those living in the 2020s are experiencing a shift in why, how, and where we work. With more than eight billion people on the planet experiencing life in different ways, should we really be labelling their behaviours and how to treat them by the year they were born? Surely, it’s time to stop simplifying complex generations and start reducing stereotypes.

2CC Radio Interview Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo. Craig Johns High Performance Leadership and Workplace Culture Expert

2CC Radio Interview (20 Sep 2023) – Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo – Is ‘Dopamine Fasting’ The Cure For Corporate Burnout?

Interview commences at 23mins

The importance of workforce wellbeing and personal mental health is becoming increasingly recognised as people struggle to balance work and personal lives. With the digital workforce often experiencing burnout and increasing stress, many companies are prioritising their employees’ mental and physical health through flexible work arrangements, mental health support programs, and wellness benefits. Dr Anna Lembke, Professor of Addiction Medicine at Stanford University, has discovered that employees can combat the negative effects of digital overload through ‘dopamine fasting’, which involves taking a break from technology and other digital stimulation to allow the brain to reset and recharge. But creator of the ‘Break the CEO Code’ framework, Craig Johns, recommends a different approach. “A three to one work to recovery ratio aligned with dopamine fasting strategies, allows employees to maximise their workplace productivity and performance,” Craig says. “This protects their mental and physical health.”

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Dynamic Business – What Makes Your Workplace Truly Inviting For Employees?

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2CC Radio Interview (9 Aug 2023) – Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo – Responsibilities Of Employers & Employees When Working From Home

In response to Fair Work Commission ruling that IAG’s firing of Suzie Cheikho for not typing enough on laptop was fair, we spoke about the responsibilities of both the Employer and the Employee when it comes from working from home. What rights do Employers and Employees have in monitoring working activity from home through keystroke, audio, video and other productivity technology? It is important that Employees understand that their role in a company is not a right, it is a responsibility. Treat the company as though you are the owner. Trust and respect works both ways in an employer-employee relationship. Always look through the lens of Integrity and responsibility when it comes to the decisions you make in regards to productivity, behaviour and your role in a company.

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Triple M Radio – Why Human Intelligence Outweighs Artificial Intelligence

2CC Radio Interview (30 Jun 2023) – Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo – Why Human Intelligence Outweighs Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft has recently released it 2023 Work Trend Index, outlining that while AI is a hot topic right now, the most important skills we need to develop are still human. The report listed the top five obstacles to productivity in the workplace as: 1. Not having intelligent meetings. 2. Goal clarity. 3. Too many meetings. 4. Feel uninspired. 5. Lacking information when needed. And while humans need to understand AI, some of the biggest skills we need to work on are human skills: analytical judgment, intellectual curiosity, bias detection and handling, creative evaluation, emotional intelligence, and AI delegation. “Most organisations are now working out how to work with AI,” Workplace Relations Expert, Craig Johns, says. “The future of the modern workplace sits at the intersection of human intelligence and artificial intelligence, where human intelligence must always remain at least one step ahead.”

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2CC Radio Interview Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo. Craig Johns High Performance Leadership and Workplace Culture Expert

2CC Radio Interview (24 Jan 2023) – Breakfast with Stephen Cenatiempo – Could You Be An Eminent Australian?

Following the sad passing of Jim Molan, he has been described as an ‘eminent Australian’. You may not strive to walk the national stage, but you should strive for eminence in your leadership. Eminence requires being a quality human being, being genuine and authentic, and standing for something. By showcasing skills, thought, perspective, and one’s unique take on life in a consistent manner, one can inspire others to be better. We’re only on this planet for a short time, and to strive to make a positive impact and be remembered as a person of eminence in other people’s lives should be everyone’s goal.

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