KEYNOTE: Break The CEO Code

How to decode energy for the future of leadership performance.

It can be very lonely at the top. Leaders are constantly under pressure to deliver outcomes such as more perfection, profit, products and prestige. They fall into the trap of working harder and thinking that more is better, when in most cases less is more. Craig learnt first hand the negative consequences of setting a culture of more, rather than facilitating a high performance environment.

“Have you ever over done it, in your life … for all the right reasons?” CRAIG JOHNS

Your organisation, team or people of influence are directly affected by the energy, stress, mood and focus you arrive with every single day. Craig will show leaders how to proactively plan or manage their energy and stress over time, to enhance their performance and productivity of themselves, their company, and their relationships.

In this game-changing session you will learn:

  1. The secrets to sustainable energy and leadership and performance
  2. 3 steps to becoming a Chief Energy Officer (CEO)
  3. Why energy is the #1 currency in leadership

Ideal Audiences:

  • CEO’s, C-Suite Executives, Entrepreneurs & Leaders
  • Corporate Teams & Businesses (Break The CORPORATE Code)
  • Coaches & High Performance Staff (Break The COACH Code)


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