Friday Fast Five on Are Leaders Born with Craig Johns

Friday Fast Five with Craig Johns

By Craig Johns – 31 July 2020

How did you energise your team? It is time for some inspiration with Friday Fast Five

5 weekly thoughts to spark your curiosity in under 90 seconds

#5 Trust “You cannot talk your way into or out of trust. You BEHAVE your way into and out of TRUST.” Craig Johns

#4 Calm “Be the calming influence and emotional epicenter for the people you work with. When it comes from your heart you are genuinely authentic in the way you lead.” Influence From the Heart on the active CEO Podcast

#3 Leader “Nature (our DNA) and nurture (environmental influences) both need to be taken into consideration when trying to understand how a leader is formed. The way I like to look at whether leaders are Born or Made, is by looking at leadership capability through the concept of a bell-curve.” Read on Are Leaders Born?

#2 Energy “Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance.”Jim Loehr

#1 Represent “What’s the one little thing that represents in that moment that makes you feel better.“ Self care as a leader with Annie Gibbins, on the active CEO Podcast. Listen now

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