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Kate Maree O’Brien – Founder SHE Conference

On this
episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Kate Maree
O’Brien about the tenacious spirit of an entrepreneur, coping with pressure and
the feeling of isolation, understanding limiting beliefs, and the importance of
adaptive leadership.

We also
talk about having a number 8 wire New Zealand mentality, the future of SHE
Conference, recently launching the
She Leads A New Future Podcast, and why she tried exotic pole dancing.

Kate Maree O’Brien – Tenacious Spirit Of An

Kate is a woman who lives
and breathes personal leadership, overcome addiction and social anxiety,
delivers breakthroughs, smashes through glass ceilings, and is the founder of
SHE – Australasia’s largest women’s leadership and empowerment event. She is a
highly regarded leadership coach, sought after speaker, who is known for her
down to earth teachings and no BS approach to getting results. Known as a
visionary performance leader, Kate tells it as it is, loves playing it big,
empowers women to take charge of their life, and is living life to her fullest
with her beautiful family in Bali.

Rising from depression,
bulimia, anorexia and drug use, she has thrown everything into gaining her life
back and making a positive difference to many peoples lives. She has served as
a clinical nurse educator in New Zealand, curated two phenomenal conferences,
SHE and GameChanger Global Summit, and collaborates with worldwide personal
transformation leaders such as Jack Canfield and Brendon Burchard.

Kate talks about:

  • CEO loneliness and building a team of people around you.
  • “Feeling of knowing that we can create so much and we don’t have to have this idea that it is not possible, it can’t be done, I feel stuck.”
  • “If you feel stuck, you are not seeing the bigger picture and the opportunities around us. “
  • Realising there was hope & she can make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Having the tenacious spirit of an entrepreneur.
  • What changes people is not just knowledge, it is impacting our hearts.
  • It is always going to feel risky when you take something to a new level.
  • Leadership exists to alter the future.
  • Fundamentally we are wired to stay where it feels safe.
  • My core wiring is that “I have done something wrong”.
  • Strategies for people to unlock their limiting beliefs.
  • You can’t escape your humanity & that has been the most significant breakthrough for me.
  • The importance of influencing yourself & creating room to own our own space.
  • If we really want really big changes, we require an adaptive leadership decision.
  • Being willing not to be living from the ideas and rules and structure that is around you

CEO Performance Tip

Unique Leadership – Are
you prepared to be vulnerable and have the courage to truly live your purpose?
Are you willing to go beyond what is comfortable to make a difference in the
world? If yes, then its time for you to “Stand up and live in an uncommon
place.” As a leader it Is important that you be absolutely positively uniquely
you. Lead from your heart and a place that brings out your true passion, energy
and drive.


“Part of the entrepreneurial journey is to see a new
future, but be willing to back yourself even when there is not a carved out
path to get there.” The entrepreneurial journey with Kate Maree O’Brien, on the
active CEO Podcast.

“Anytime an obstacle comes up, its an opportunity
just to grow bigger, be more creative or be more resourceful or look at things
from a new perspective. There is always someway through it or around it.” Kate
Maree O’Brien talks about overcoming obstacles, on the active CEO Podcast.

“That narrator may not always be telling us the
truth. It tells us stories to make us feel safe.” Kate Maree O’Brien goes deep
on the narrator part of the brain, on the active CEO Podcast.

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