active CEO Podcast #86 Chris Tabish Leadership Effectiveness With Comediology

active CEO Podcast Chris Tabish Leadership Effectiveness With Comediology Craig Johns

On this
episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Chris Tabish
about leadership effectiveness with Comediology, breaking out of the secure zone,
bringing joy to the boardroom, and being a voice for executive management.

We also
discuss the differences in leadership style between Deloitte and Accenture; connecting the worlds of consulting and
comedy; the principles of Comediology; and why humour is about authenticity and

Chris Tabish – Leadership
Effectiveness With Comediology

Chris is a serious
consultant known to have a comedy problem, who is transforming Fortune 500
companies and bringing fun and laughter to the corporate world. He is a
comedian who tries not to fall over, may have painted the Golden Gate Bridge
with a toothbrush, and is adamant that he wont leave us short-changed on the
show today.

Our guest has a serious side
as well, completing a BS in Accounting and MBA in Business Administration from
The University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business. His illustrious
career includes consulting and director roles at Accenture, Deloitte, JDSU,
Symantec, Jupiter Networks, Bodhtree and Verity Consulting. He co-foundered
Stratus Partner before founding his latest entrepreneurial visions, Venture
West Consulting and Comediology.

Chris talks about:

  • Always having a muscle to explore creativity.
  • Why he didn’t initially pursue being a comedian
    because it was too risky.
  • Shifting from a robot leadership style to someone
    who values employees.
  • Realising the value of humanity and creativity in
    leading people.
  • The WHY behind comediology.
  • Why he wasn’t being present and connecting with
  • Its not the content that connects with people it is
    the emotion.
  • In comedy you have to have a point of view or an
  • Start with something funny, that is humbling and
    lights up the room.
  • Why Robin Williams was so funny, but in a humble and
    sincere way.
  • Why he wouldn’t advocate to try and be specifically
  • Leadership effectiveness with Comediology
  • Core essence is “finding your voice” and investing
    in your Creative 401k.
  • Comedy connects people, and people connect with
    people they like.
  • Let everything go and be completely in the moment.
  • How I can understand why I am here?

CEO Performance Tip

Chief Energy Officer – Do you
know that we are all CEO’s. The Chief Energy Officer of our lives. And think
how that energy affects other people and the way you behave. You all have
control over your own energy. It is important that you manage your own energy
first before influencing the energy of a room, a team, your family and any
other person you interact with. As an influencer you can either create an
environment of positive or negative energy. If you want to achieve success in a
meeting, conversation, pitch, gathering or an event, then it is important that
you create the energy state you desire, for both internal and external
influence. Remember where focus goes energy flows. So make sure your intention
is set for your desired outcome.


“Now that the filter is gone they start to bring out
some really creative work.” Chris Tabish explains the benefits of comedy in the
Boardroom, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Living to that differentiation and internal voice
you have.” Chris Tabish explains why all comedy is different, on the active CEO

Resources Mentioned in this show:

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Craig Johns
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