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On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Jemimah Ashleigh about being a profiler in the Australian Federal Police, her Amazon best-selling book Position Me, creating The Business Experiment podcast, and her rollercoaster ride as an entrepreneur. We also delve into her involvement with Thankyou and The Hope Project, perseverance, wellness and failing the Andy Frisella 75Hard Challenge.

Jemimah Ashleigh

Jemimah Ashleigh is an inspirational entrepreneur, coach, mentor, podcast host, comedian, keynote speaker and is the Amazon best-selling author of ‘Position Me’. She is an incredible woman, who is considered authentic, hard-working, enthusiastic, fun and has a habit of throwing political correctness out the window.

Educated at La Trobe University, Charles Stuart University and the Australian Institute of Public Safety, she is fluent in Australian Sign Language, English and Bahasa Indonesia. After a decade in security and intelligence as a profiler in the Victorian Police Force, she founded Epic Social, Tangs Design and one half of The Business Experiment podcast.

Known as a global authority on positioning, she has been named in the Top 10 female entrepreneurs in Australia, was the 2015 Canberra artist of the year, is a board member for the Hope Project, an impact partner for Thankyou, and has reached over 6 million people through social media and podcasting.

Jemimah talks about:
• Growing up with law enforcement in her blood.
• Studying Russian history, Indonesian language and legal studies.
• Entrepreneurship is confusing.
• Curiosity is an undervalued skill particularly in business and growing your own business.
• Have an interest in people’s behaviour and why people do what they do.
• Being tired of law enforcement and realising career breaks are a real thing.
• Deciding to make jewellery and start a small business.
• Starting The Business Experiment podcast with Siobhan Joyce.
• A lot of entrepreneurs are very good at being busy, but not being productive.
• The main ingredient in business is that you need perseverance & a why bigger than yourself.
• The importance of having mentors and coaches when you are starting a business.
• We should outgrow our mentors at some point.
• Having an Amazon best-selling book, Position Me, in 26 minutes.
• Proving that we are an expert is really hard to do because it feels a bit inauthentic.
• People have really good ideas and intentions for what we want to do, but fail to execute.
• Having time to look after yourself, is not selfish, it is mandatory.
• We see so many people burning out. It is so gradual that it becomes a real problem.
• Failing the Andy Friscella 75HARD challenge.
• Daniel Flynn and being involved in Thankyou.
• The significance of the Hope Project and working with Kate Seselja
• It’s not about addiction, but why you became addicted in the first place.
• Turning Position Me into a TV show.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Energy Management – Most CEO’s and Leaders spend time focusing on managing their time rather than managing their energy. If you focus on managing time you will tend to create overload and over time you will run out of energy. You have to manage your energy and productive downtime, as it will allow you to maintain a higher threshold of performance over a longer period of time.


“I think you can’t be laser focused in one area. That’s a skill if you are working for someone else.” Specialist versus generalist with Jemimah Ashleigh, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Being your own boss is amazing it is also a big problem. It is also your own problem. You are only accountable to you.” Talking entrepreneurship with Jemimah Ashleigh, on the active CEO Podcast.

“97% of female led start-ups in the first five years are failing, which is twice as much as males.” Jemimah Ashleigh raises a societal issue in entrepreneurship, on the active CEO Podcast.

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