active CEO Podcast #14 Jamin Heppell & Jen Ziegner Leading From the Mountain Tops

Jamin Heppell & Jen Ziegner – Founders Mountains and Marathons

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole speak with Jamin Heppell and Jen Ziegner about how they are transforming not only their clients, but also their own lives; being the best version of yourself; connecting with the community; purpose driven businesses; aligning personal and business values; and the catalyst for Mountains & Marathons.


Jamin Heppell and Jen Ziegner are a dynamic duo, who combine their passions and purpose in life with other people all around the world. They maybe young, but are very wise when it comes to human development. Their lives involve finding some amazing physical challenges and combining it with helping people improve their mental, emotional and leadership performance.

As Founders of Mountains & Marathons, they have had quite different careers. Jamin was a strength & conditioning coach at Essendon Football Club and is a serial entrepreneur founding 5 companies in the last ten years. Jen is passionate about personal development, having spent time with Tony Robbins and the Robbins-Madanes Training as a strategic intervention coach. She loves consulting, coaching and advising people on how to unlock and optimise their potential.

Mountains & Marathons, the most adventurous leadership program, is a 6-month leadership program that develops courage, clarity and confidence. Every program finishes with an epic physical challenge: Running a marathon or climbing a mountain in one of the world’s most extraordinary locations, such as Patagonia, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Blanc, San Francisco and the Everest Basecamp.

Jamin & Jen talks about:

  • Getting off the hamster wheel of the entrepreneurial game
  • If I could be doing anything in the world right now, what could I be doing?
  • Running marathons and climbing mountains all around the world
  • We are in control of the choices we make.
  • Taking on challenges that put me out of my comfort zone.
  • Having a deeper sense of connectedness with people and recognising the value of bringing community, bringing people together had on ones greater sense of health and wellbeing.
  • Leveraging the power of sport to be a greater transformative agent in grass-root communities.
  • The passion for entrepreneurship and purpose driven businesses.
  • Being agile, coping with a life of uncertainty and being a risk-taker.
  • How an Impact Investment Australia event at Street Coffee led to Jamin and Jen meeting for the first time.
  • Taking the bold move and “doing it my way”.
  • The catalyst to Mountains & Marathons.
  • Supporting people to gain greater clarity, courage and confidence through taking on a 6-month leadership program that centres around an epic physical challenge such as running a marathon or climbing a mountain.
  • How do you level up in all areas of life that are important to you, including health, family life, mental and emotional wellbeing and ultimately developing the whole person.
  • How the more you give leads to the more you get.
  • Their core values of courage, adventure, integrity and contribution.
  • The power of serving people to transform their lives.
  • How can you leverage an epic physical challenge and doing something that you didn’t think you could do, to transform other aspects of your life.
  • Some of the incredible transformational stories from the Mountains and Marathons program, including bouncing back from divorce, taking the brave step to change careers in the pursuit of happiness and weight loss through rising to the roof of Africa.
  • Showing up every day in alignment with what we are asking our clients to do in their programs.
  • Being along on stage with two left feet when doing the Bachata Latin dance in front of highly experienced dancers.


“Feeling trapped inside, thinking I have to keep doing this, my community needs me, what will people say if I stop.” Jamin Heppell on the active CEO Podcast.

Active CEO Wellness Tip

Ben and Craig talk about how to deal with limited time and changing up your commute to and from work. They discuss walking, riding or running to work, rather than getting frustrated while sitting in traffic or waiting for public transport. They unveil the fitness commute as a great way for CEO’s and leaders to fit exercise into their busy schedule. They mention that your training can be completed by the time your walk into the office and the value of de-cluttering and clearing your mind before your step inside the house.


Resources Mentioned in this show:

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