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Craig Johns, known as the CEO (Chief Energy Officer) MC, is the MC of choice for a number of events, organisations and conferences across the Asia Pacific region.

Working on over 450 live and virtual events over the past 27 years, Craig Johns knows the importance of an MC managing the energy in the room in relation to the success of a conference, summit or event.

As the Chief Energy Officer MC, Craig Johns utilises his experience working with media, High Performance Leadership and Speaking Coaching, and as an international speaker to engage audiences with humour, relevant content and story showing.

It is really important to Craig that he provides 3 key things for your next event…

  1. Engaging experience – As an MC, Craig focuses on connecting your audience through authentic stories they can relate to, humor that brings a point to life and ensuring that he seamlessly connects all speakers messages in a way that is relevant to the audience.
  2. Practical application – An event is more than just inspiration, engagement and enjoyment. It is Craig’s priority to ensure that your audience leaves with an idea, action or practical next step that they can apply to improve, both personally and professionally.
  3. Low maintenance MC – As a conference, education or event planner, Craig knows that you have a lot of details and logistics to manage to ensure that you deliver a successful event. He understands how important it is that an MC is well-prepared, low maintenance and enjoyable to work with. He is regularly told that he is easy, friendly and a delight to work with.

Craig is also well known for the active CEO Podcast, Breaking The CEO Code and transforming influencers into high performing leaders as a High Performance Leadership Expert.

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