active CEO Podcast #70 Miles Stewart A Lifetime Chasing Results

active CEO Podcast Miles Stewart A Lifetime Chasing Results
Miles Stewart – CEO Triathlon Australia

On this episode of the Sportspeople
Recruitment active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Miles Stewart about a
lifetime of chasing results, winning an ITU World Triathlon Championship, the
challenge of transitioning out of sport, lessons learnt in managing people and
being CEO of Triathlon Australia.

We also delve into the
detrimental side of corporate life, when a competitive instinct can become
destructive, why the MEMOS Masters Degree has taken him out of his comfort
zone, and designing a wellness structure to support
high performance.

Miles Stewart – A Lifetime Chasing Results

Miles Stewart is a highly
focused and determined leader who is an Olympic Triathlete, two times world
triathlon champion and ITU World Triathlon Hall of Fame member. He is regarded
as one of Australia’s all time best triathletes, a multiple national
speedskating champion, MEMOS Masters Degree student and has the rare privilege
of winning a world title in his home town.

His career has included
Leasing Executive roles at McConaghy Properties, Colonial First State Property
Management and Head of Retail Leasing at Charter Hall. Miles has also filled
governance roles on the Triathlon Australia Board and High Performance
Committee, and is currently the CEO of Triathlon Australia.

Miles talks about:

  • A lifetime being coached by a dad who produced world champions in three different sports.
  • Having an environment of very influential people at school.
  • Finishing 4th at the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Avignon, France, as an 18 year old.
  • Growing up racing with Spot Anderson, Brad Bevan, Greg Welch & Nic Croft.
  • The Big 5 in triathlon, Mark Allen, Scott Molina, Dave Scott, Scott Tinley & Mike Pigg.
  • A watershed moment in equal prizemoney & equality in the sport.
  • Winning the 1991 ITU World Triathlon Champs, on the Gold Coast.
  • The deafening noise of finishing 6th at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
  • Coping with the transition of stepping out of sport.
  • A lifetime chasing results.
  • The Four D’s of people leaving sport.
  • Realising that it is really hard to live a normal life.
  • Having to learn the impact of my behaviour on other people.
  • The detrimental side of leading a high flying corporate role.
  • Staff retention and happiness being a key driver.
  • The changing landscape of managing sport
  • The challenges of being an Olympic level coach.
  • Keeping perspective is important as a human being.
  • Why not reach outside my comfort zone.
  • Taking a long time after sport to be happy

CEO Performance Tip

CEO Legacy – Having a
purpose in life and aligning it to the work that you do is important if you
wish to enjoy what you do, be productive and perform at a high level. Some
people have a desire to go beyond the world they work in and leave a legacy for
future generations to benefit from. CEO Legacy is all about finding a greater
purpose through a project or movement that creates a ripple effect across an
area, industry or the world. What mark do you want to leave on the


“When I talk to people leaving sport now. The hardest
past is to de-tune from being an athlete. Realising that a lot of the skills
that made you a great athlete may not suit you in workplace environment or may
not be the best skills in that space. Its very hard when peoples success comes
from a certain pattern.” Miles Stewart discusses the challenge of
transitioning out of sport, on the
Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast.

“Being an ex-athlete I have this mentality that I cant let things slide or
I have to get to the finish and deal with them. I have had to learn to get a
lot better at relaxing and recovering myself. I have never been great at making
myself a priority. I normally put a lot of things in front of me. Pulling that
back is something that I had to consider. 
Carving out some time to do something that I need to do is good for me
as well.” Being an active CEO with Miles Stewart, on the Sportspeople
Recruitment active CEO Podcast.

Resources Mentioned in this show:

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