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Liz Volpe Dare to Dream active CEO Podcast Ambisie
Liz Volpe – Founder Ambisie

On this episode of the active CEO
Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Liz Volpe about Dare to Dream, inspirational
stories through Ambisie, Imposter Syndrome and #give1hour. We also delve into
the League of Extraordinary Women, being present and switching off, and how a
pitch off competition reminded her of getting out of her comfort zone.

Liz Volpe – Dare to Dream

Liz Volpe is an incredible
entrepreneur who dares to dream, connects & inspires women to bring out
their extraordinary, and loves to inspire the next generation through a
collection of stories worth sharing. She is a purpose driven leader, global
change agent, proud mother of two, Latin dancer and is on a mission to educate a million disadvantaged
youth by the year 2020.

Her education includes a BA
Honours in Media Communication and Media Studies form the University of Leads.
In her spare time she is a fundraising volunteer at The Australian Cambodia
Foundation, Sunrise Cambodia. As an entrepreneur our special guest is a
Director of Zest Possibilities, Co-Founder of The League of Extraordinary
Women, Founder of Project Gen Z and most recently the Co-Founder of Ambisie.

Liz talks about:

  • Dare to Dream
  • Growing up in Rochdale, a small town in Northern England.
  • Having 30 jobs by the age of 21.
  • Being inspired by Australian TV show, Neighbours.
  • Learning who she was while studying Media and Communications.
  • Thriving on change and a challenge.
  • How a dream board propelled Zest Possibilities.
  • Imposter Syndrome still popping up into her head, once per week.
  • Co-Founding The League of Extraordinary Women, in 2012.
  • How a visit to Sunrise Cambodia led to Project Gen Z & Dare to Dream.
  • Vision to educate a million disadvantaged youth by the year 2020.
  • The catalyst to, her latest venture, Ambisie
  • #give1hour to help kids explore careers and tap into their passion.
  • Being a little bit crazy with huge ideas and somehow manage to pull them off.
  • “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”
  • Having strict rules and structure for health and wellness.
  • Go into meditation through dance and having a break just for me.
  • Entering a pitch off competition for investment.
  • Solving the problem of stress and mental health with young people.

CEO Performance Tip

Mental Toughness Is A Skill – We
often hear the term Mental Toughness. What does it really mean? Mental toughness
is a personality trait that determines how well we can consistently perform
under stress and pressure. It is our ability to respond to challenge, stress
and pressure, irrespective of the circumstances. A good way to describe mental
toughness is our ability to keep going when the going gets tough.


“What can I do next, what can I develop and what can
I try that will bring fear back to me, as fear is healthy.” Liz Volpe talks about getting out of her comfort zone, on the active CEO Podcast.

“A little bit crazy with huge ideas and somehow manage to pull off.” Discussing
Liz Volpe’s leadership style, on the
active CEO Podcast.

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