active CEO Podcast #63 Charles Fairlie Unsung Business Heroes

Unsung Business Heroes Charles Fairlie
Charles Fairlie – Unsung Business Heroes

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Charles Fairlie about Unsung Business heroes, inspiring leaders, crowd funded book models and sailing on Sydney Harbour. We also delve into Netwalking, Dick Smith Electronics and lessons from the media industry.

Charles Fairlie – Unsung Business Heroes

Charles Fairlie is a passionate
people person who loves sharing the stories of Unsung Business Heroes. He is a honest, persistent and driven son of a boat
builder, purposeful entrepreneur and has a passion for the backstory of a

With a Bachelor of
Communications in Marketing from the University of NSW, our guest is a Board
Director of the Australasian Pioneers Club. His 30 year career in media
includes sales and account manager roles at Channel 9, Macquarie Radio, Sony
Music Australia and the Australian Associated Press. In recent years he
transitioned from being the Client and Marketing Director of Clickthru to
founding his own company Purpose Publishing Australia.

Charles talks about:

  • Writing Unsung Business Heroes to record his dad’s records and accomplishments.
  • Selling fax machines as Promotions Manager for Dick Smith Electronics.
  • 30 year career in media industry.
  • Being as a sales manager at 2Day FM and Channel 9.
  • Working with incredible leaders who had long-term vision and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Kerry Packer saying, “You only get one Alan Bond moment in time, and I have just had mine.”
  • A gift that stays around forever.
  • People really appreciate it when people share intimate things.
  • Crowdfunding book model with production cost sharing.
  • Belonging to the The Pioneer’s club.
  • Netwalking, a networking event walking around botanical gardens and Sydney opera house.

CEO Performance Tip

Trust Based Leadership – Trust affects a leader’s impact
and has a profound affect on a company or team achieving their goals. It is the
foundation of a business. Like a building if the foundation is weak and shaky
it can crumble. Trust based leadership is all about allowing your staff’s
competence and motivation to get the job done. Signs that trust-based
leadership is working include high-levels of autonomy and low levels of
unnecessary control. Employees have the freedom, independence, and discretion
to schedule work, make decisions and choose the methods used to perform tasks.
Trust helps avoid hostility, improves change acceptance, receptiveness to
negative feedback, builds team motivation, increases employee loyalty,
encourages idea sharing, boosts morale and increases productivity.


“To be a good interviewer, you have to listen, be
prepared for where the talk is going and open up so they can share
transparently and authentically.” Charles Fairlie delves into interviewing, on the active CEO Podcast.

“An honest person doesn’t need a good
memory. You don’t have to remember the lies from the past and cover them up.” Charles Fairlie talks about authenticity, on the active CEO Podcast.

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