active CEO Podcast #57 Lisa Hasker Life Education Through Sport

On this episode of the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Lisa Hasker about life education through sport, building sport capability and capacity, improving diversity and inclusion on Boards, and getting people to be more active, more often. We also delver into employee and coach wellbeing and performance, her collaborative and coaching leadership style, and how we can improve active transport to and from work.

Lisa Hasker – Life Education Through Sport

Lisa Hasker is an impressive leader who has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in the world of sport management. Known as a leader who is passionate about supporting the future of women on Boards through Change Our Game, and improving inclusion and diversity as the CEO of VICSPORT.

She has studied a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education and Science from the University of South Australia, Graduate Diplomas in Sport Science and Sport Management from Deakin University, a Masters of Marketing from Monash University and has completed a Company Directors Course in Governance from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Her career involves roles such as Head of Physical Education at Wesley College; Event and Sponsorship Manager Australian Running Magazine, Marketing Manager at Golf Victoria, Chief Executive Officer at Little Athletics Victoria, Public Affairs and Sponsorship Manager at Victorian Institute of Sport, Manager of La Trobe University Sport and General Manager of Community and Stakeholder Relations at Basketball Australia.

A love of sport goes beyond management as a 16-year coach at Sandringham Athletics Club and has governance experience as Director at AFL Sports Ready Foundation and Shooting Australia, as well as Vice President of Athletics Victoria.

Lisa talks about:

  • Being a hurdler and involved in sport for more than
    50 years.
  • Having great physical education teachers who were
    role models.
  • Compulsory Physical Education at primary school at a
  • What will the next generation of adults look like?
  • Difficulty managing athletes on social media and
    potential PR disasters.
  • Her role as CEO of VICSPORT
  • Working with Bridie O’Donnell VIC Health and VIC
    Sport to deliver Change Our Game
  • Concentrating on diversity and inclusion on Boards.
  • Global Wellness Tracking.
  • Increase physical literacy and wellness in the
    general population.
  • Having a collaborative and coaching leadership style.
  • Employee’s personal development has as much
    importance as professional development.
  • More focus on wellness of staff and high performance
  • Being curious about your sport and other sports
  • Going for a walk when a bit stressed at work.
  • Why have you never been involved in sport?

Active CEO Performance Tip

Business Is The Aggregate of Humans – Humans are the great asset in your company, so you need to look after them. Every single day you need to be helping them overcome their limiting beliefs and continually build on their strengths. Make sure they feel worthy in the organisation.


“Admit to your mistakes, learn from it and move on. ” Lisa Hasker shares her advice on leadership, on the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast.

“We tell athletes recovery is more important that the training, but I am not sure we all live that when we are in our corporate life. It is really important for people to be able rejuvenate and go again, and keep the effort up with some very lofty goals in high level coaching.” Lisa Hasker talks about employee wellbeing, on the Sportspeople Recruitment active CEO Podcast.

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