active CEO Podcast #54 Yamini Naidu Business Story Mastery

Yamini Naidu Business Story Mastery
Yamini Naidu – Author Story Mastery

On this
episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Yamini Naidu about
business story mastery, why you need both data and stories, the importance of
message clarity, and her new book Story Mastery. We also delve into her how to
be an effective speaker, starting a successful business, Aristotle’s model of
influence and having your off-stage stuff together.

Yamini Naidu – Business Story Mastery

Yamini Naidu is a charismatic, energetic and a
superstar in the storytelling business. From being on some of the worlds
largest stages to intimate settings with the leaders of Fortune 500 companies,
she has the charm, charisma, clarity and conviction to keep the attention of
even the hardest old-school leaders.

She has a BA
in Economics and Sociology from the St Xavier’s College, MA Economics from the
University of Mumbai and a Masters Science in IR and Personnel Management from
the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Her early
years were focused as an Economist before and epiphany changed her course and
she found her true passion and pathway as Director of One Thousand and One, and
Director of and Chief Storyteller at Yamini Naidu Consulting.

She goes
above and beyond as a volunteer guide at the National Gallery of Victoria, and
has provided Pro Bono for Pollinate Energy and High Reserves Global Citizenship
and Leadership Program.

I am pleased to introduce to you a leading expert in business
storytelling, the world’s only economist turned storyteller and consistently
voted among the top business storytellers worldwide, put your hands together
and bring a huge round of applause for Yamini Naidu

Yamini talks about:

  • Imagining riding a tiger to school.
  • Becoming the worlds first Economist turned storyteller.
  • Being frustrated about why data doesn’t persuade people.
  • People are the single biggest determinant of any success.
  • How “A leaders Guide to Business Storytelling” by Stephen Denning, changed her life.
  • Co-founding Australia’s first storytelling company in 2005
  • Being prepared to educate the market before you get your first customer.
  • Putting it out there, test it and get better every time.
  • Being clear on the single message you want to communicate.
  • Personal story where you can tie it to a business message is very powerful
  • Stories are like Velcro for the brain and for the heart.
  • We are sitting in the midst of a storytelling revolution.
  • Stories today are as critical as data, because everybody has got data, but data doesn’t differentiate.
  • Logic informs people, but doesn’t shift behaviour.
  • A story doesn’t have to be epic to be effective.
  • Story Mastery can really quantum leap your audience.
  • To be a successful speaker, you have actually have to get your off stage stuff together.
  • How we can have more equity in the world?

CEO Performance Tip

Chief Role Model – As a leader your real
title should be Chief Role Model. The culture of a team or organization begins
from the person at the top. You have a lot of power as a leader and with power
comes great responsibility. As they say, the fish always starts to rot from the
head. Your actions, behaviours, approach and leadership style determines the
foundation of the culture. Be the role model for the desired values, behaviours
and identity of the team or organization you lead.


“Business storytelling is like life after Google,
you wonder how you lived without it.” Yamini Naidu explains story
mastery, on the
active CEO Podcast.

“People are the single biggest determinant of any success.” Yamini Naidu connecting success, on the active CEO Podcast.

“A business story should be under two minutes and
that’s when you are going to have the biggest impact. After two minutes you
start to have diminishing returns.” How long should a business story be with Yamini Naidu, on
the active CEO Podcast.

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