active CEO Podcast #52 Francesca Boase Building Trust In Crisis Management

Francesca Boase – General Manager Edelman Australia

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Francesca Boase about building trust in crisis management, storytelling as an art of communication, leading change, the Edelman Trust Barometer and being a great mentor. We also discuss personal development, being a custodian of peoples careers, the pain of accepting feedback, workplace wellness, and managing her energy and performance.

Francesca Boase – Building Trust In Crisis

Francesca Boase is an
experienced global corporate communications specialist who is committed to the
community, health, fitness and wellbeing. She is known for building strong
relationships, impressive personal development programs and competing at the
world triathlon championships.

A genuine people person, she
is passionate about mentoring, facilitating and leading teams. Her focus in
corporate and financial communication, media relations, reputation management
and strategic counsel, has given her the necessary skills to thrive in her
current role as Managing Director of Edelman Australia, the world’s largest
independent communications agency.

Educated globally, she went
to Island School, Hong Kong; studied Journalism, Film and Broadcasting and
completed a Post Graduate Diploma Public Relations at the University of Wales,
Cardiff; and attended the Australian Graduate School of Management. Her
previous senior executive appointments have included roles at Sharman Networks,
PPR PR Agency and Sefiani Communications Group.

Fran talks about:

  • Growing up in Hong Kong in the 1980’s surrounded by
    many nationalities.
  • Acting and then communicating with absolute
  • Honesty and transparency are absolute fundamentals
    to building that trust.
  • The most important elements when it comes to being
    proactive in crisis management.
  • We are in constant state of change.
  • What’s its going to take for you to say yes.
  • Fear accompanies change or uncertainty.
  • What makes a really great mentor.
  • Strategies to use when determining your teams
    internal motivations.
  • Managing stress and the importance of wellbeing in a
    fast-paced environment.
  • Having high standards and integrity as a leader.
  • Noticing and recognising the cultural differences of
    the generations coming through.
  • Businesses increasingly have a role to play in
    building the trust of Australians.
  • Talking about workplace wellness and not actually
    doing enough about it.
  • Recognising people as human beings in a holistic
  • Really have to take care of yourself first and then
    come in and tackle the day.
  • Managing competitiveness in a healthy way and
    figuratively in a healthy way.
  • How to help young people really appreciate and value

CEO Wellness Tip

Motion Call – Stand up and go for a walk when you receive a phone
call rather than stay seated at your computer. It reduces distractions and
ensures you get the value of motion leads to emotion when you are walking. You
will be surprised how much exercise you can do and how productive your calls


“Being able to effectively communicate means you can
build trust, address issues, you can form an organisational and business point
of view, and build a narrative and a story which is a very important part of
engaging whether it is your target audiences, your staff or your customers.” Effective communication with Francesca Boase, on the active CEO Podcast.

“The bottom line is that
people don’t come to work to achieve a business result. People come to work to
be with other people. My experience is that being a leader and being able to
communicate on a very human level is critical. Its critical to managing staff,
it is critical for great client relationships. It is very important when you
are dealing with very difficult situations.” Francesca Boase on communicating
at a human level, on the active CEO Podcast.

“You genuinely need to have that recovery time. In terms of performance in
a role that is very demanding, having a break and taking some time out is as
important a lesson to learn to learn as is learning how to respond to a client
or developing a communications strategy.” Francesca Boase talks about the importance of recovery
with purpose, on the active CEO Podcast.

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