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On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Adam Hudson about coping with losing millions of dollars; the future of Amazon entrepreneurship; the purpose of Reliable Education; and innovation at the heart of entrepreneurship. We also delve into leaning into entrepreneurship, timing being an important part of your success, identifying a visual gap in the market, knowing when to fire yourself and the importance of masterminds to his success.

Adam Hudson – Podcast Interview Brief

Adam Hudson
is a tenacious, focused and courageous serial entrepreneur who has ridden the
highs and lows of business success. He has built several multi-million dollar companies
in Australia and the USA, including co-founding Reliable Education and Zonguru.

an Amazon Thought Leader, he authored the book “Primed” in 2017. With Amazon
catalysing a massive disruption in the retail industry, he simplifies a hyper-logical
yet counterintuitive approach to successfully launching consumer brands on the

Our guest
has featured on credible media platforms including the Brian Tracy Show, Sky
Business News, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal.

He is
considered a man of resilience, authenticity, has a huge smile and a genuine
desire to make a difference.

Adam talks about:

  • Having a desire to create things and chart his journey.
  • “If you don’t like it, then you can get your own place and create your own rules”.
  • Doing a Tony Robbins seminar and getting to the root of what your drive is.
  • The biggest secret to his success is persistence and working hard.
  • Failing more than he has succeeded.
  • His desire to have agency over his life and not work for anyone.
  • The future of Amazon entrepreneurship.
  • Innovation will reveal the pain that is not obvious.
  • Why he developed Reliable Education and the reason why they interview everyone.
  • Differentiate and stand out from the lack of innovation.
  • Sell things where there is demand, people are already buying and people really care about.
  • Does this business stack with someone else doing every piece all the way through.
  • Young entrepreneurs don’t value their time & they become a prisoner of their own making.
  • Sponsoring villages in Indonesia to pay for eye surgery for the 4 million people that are blind.
  • Right from the start, my mission is to fire myself from every company.
  • Being aware of his own mental health and focusing on self care around food and sleep.

CEO Wellness Tip

Time on Business – Most CEO’s get lost
“in the business” rather than spending time “on the business”. You will find it
invaluable to find one to two times per week for a half day to spend time on
your business. You need to block out your calendar and make a decision and a
commitment to clear weekly time for strategic thinking and direction. This
thinking, reflecting and creating time should be effectively used to drive
growth and develop the future of the business.


“You can
only get so much from a book and the rest you have to learn from the school of
hard knocks.” Adam
Hudson talks about experience, on the active CEO Podcast.

“I fired up
under the pressure, I said alright this is it, what are you made of , lets do
this.” Adam Hudson’s response to
losing everything in 2008,
on the active CEO Podcast.

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