active CEO Podcast #39 Adriana Cecere The BackPocket CEO

Adriana Cecere – Consulting Australia

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Adriana Cecere from Consulting Australia about being a teenage entrepreneur, creating scalable businesses, transitioning to being a sort after business consultant and coach, and delivering high performance as a CEO. We also learn about the backstory behind being called ‘The BackPocket CEO’, writing a #1 Amazon Best Seller with ‘Simple Strategies to Success’, Steve Brossman’s influence on her as a mentor and co-author of ‘Game Changers’, being The Buttery Private ambassador, and her new project with Michaela Gee.

Adriana Cecere

Cecere is an incredible serial entrepreneur, #1 Amazon Best Selling author, and
a sort after business consultant and coach. Known as The BackPocket CEO, she
opened her first business at the age of 17 and has gone on to own and sell more
than ten businesses.

co-authored the book, Game Changers in 2017, and recently wrote the book Simple
Strategies to Success. In December 2017, she was recognised by New Yorks
Consulting Magazine, with an accolade as a Global Leader, for Excellence in
Innovation in Consulting.

Over the
last few years Adriana has grown her business, Consulting Australia, to one of
the leading management consulting firms in Sydney, Australia. She is an
ambassador for The Buttery Foundation who provide successful mental health and substance
misuse treatment programs. 

Adriana talks about:

  • Being 13, sitting under a bay leaf tree, & setting the goal of owning a business by 18 years of age.
  • Starting her first business, Voo Doo Hair Ink at the age of seventeen.
  • Co-writing her first book, Game Changers, with mentor Steve Brossman.
  • Getting good people around her that knew what they were so she
    could grow the business.
  • Having no formal education or training when she first started her entrepreneurial journey.
  • Designed a place, buying land, project managing and building a shop in Italy, at the age of 22.
  • Freedom of owning a business, working with great people, & seeing something grow.
  • Transitioning from owning your own business to coaching people to run their businesses.
  • Learning from many people who have turned adversity into successful ventures.
  • Her approach to determining business needs and requirements.
  • Partnering with Michaela Gee to support young females to grow their leadership skills.
  • Writing #1 Amazon Best Seller, ‘Simple Strategies to Success’.
  • The secret to success in establishing a business from day one that can be easily scaled.
  • Incorporating online programs into her business strategy.
  • Having a healthy mindset, training in the morning, walking in fresh air and eating healthy.
  • The challenge for senior leaders to balance pressure versus releasing the pressure.

CEO Wellness Tip                                                       

Own Your Own Influence – Being your own greatest influencer is important so
that you have the habits and routines in place to ensure that you can keep
delivering what you need to, so everyone else can perform really well. You have
to be able to influence yourself, be confident, and ensure that you are in
control of what you do every single day.


“Where is the business at, what does the clients need, what’s the
environment doing and what do I want to do with the business.” Adriana Cecere discussing how she chooses a business opportunity, on the active CEO Podcast.

“We are
supposed to be getting smarter, but there are so many people with mental health
programs” Talking
about the scale of mental health problems with Adriana Cecere, on the active CEO Podcast.

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