active CEO Podcast #28 Christine Amour-Levar A Woman On A Mission

Christine Amour-Levar – Women On A Mission / HER Planet Earth

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns speaks with Christine
Amour-Levar about her diverse cultural upbringing; learning new language
through total immersion; the differences in work ethic, leadership, culture and
behaviours between Japan, USA and France; the impact Nike has had on her
career; and leading through empathy.

We also delve into creating Beijaflor and becoming an entrepreneur; scheduling family time; combining her love for adventure with her social entrepreneurship programs; and the influence Women on a Mission and HER Planet Earth are having on the women of war and the underprivileged.


Christine Amour Levar is a passionate, kind and determined marketing & communications expert, adventurer, social entrepreneur, author and speaker.

Of French, Swiss & Filipino decent, she graduated from Sophia
University, before embarking on an international career with brands such as
Nike, McCann-Erickson, Philippe Starck and her own Brazilian fashion retail
business, Beijaflor.

She has a wealth of global experience in brand strategy, social
entrepreneurship and advocacy, which allowed her to excel as a marketing and
communications consultant for Temasek Trust and Temasek Management Services, as
well as her current role as Chief Marketing Officer at iRace Media.

In her spare time she is a passionate advocate for women’s leadership
and empowerment, which has enabled her to establish two award-winning
non-profit organisations, ‘Women on a Mission’ (WOAM) and ‘HER Planet Earth’.

Her amazing talents include being an Author and Contributing Writer to
international publications such as The HuffPost, Forbes and the Straits Times
Newspaper of Singapore, as well as speaking at organisations such as INSEAD,
Nike, Goldman Sachs, Singapore Woman Award and James Cook University.

In 2018, she was a Finalist of the ‘French of Asia Trophy 2018 and a
recipient of the 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World Award.O

Christine talks about:

  • Having a multiracial and multicultural upbringing, living in the Philippines and France.
  • Wanting to grow up and work in sports or be connected to sports.
  • Moving to Japan to go to Sophia University, not knowing any Japanese.
  • Here first job was with McCann Erickson, as the only non-Japanese in the graduate program.
  • Working with blue chip clients such as Nestlé, Nokia and Gillette.
  • Moved to United States to work at the Nike Headquarters in Oregon, thinking she new the American culture.
  • The ability to adjust quickly when working with different cultures.
  • Differences in brand, culture and leadership between Japan and USA
  • Transitioning from being an employee to an entrepreneur
  • Felt liberated when getting out of the corporate world and starting her business, Beijaflor.
  • Realising she really needed to be engaged to work really efficiently.
  • The majority of poor people around the world are women who live in rural areas
  • Challenging expeditions to off-the-beaten tracks around the world such as Antarctica, Jordan, Ethiopia, Himalayas and Vietnam.
  • Staying connected in the sisterhood
  • The expedition to Son Doong caves, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Park
  • Finding the time to reflect, meditate and take stock
  • Thriving on going to places she has never been and doing things that she hasn’t done.
  • More men champions for change fighting for gender equality, support women’s careers and opportunities.
  • Her leadership is about putting empathy at the core of it.

Active CEO Wellness Tip – Humbleness & Humility


“When you love what you do, it is not work , you are
so engaged in it, so focused that you don’t even see time go by.” Finding
purpose in your work with Christine Amour-Levar, on the active CEO Podcast.

“Mind-blowing when you look up and marvel in the
enormity and the awe inspiring experience.” Christine Amour-Levar, on the
active CEO Podcast.

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