active CEO Podcast #19 The Gift That Keeps Giving

Ben and Craig have enjoyed a fantastic year on the active CEO Podcast. We have shared with you some amazing stories from CEO and leaders from the around the world on both the active CEO Podcast and our Article Series.

As we wrap up 2018, we engage in a brief discussion on:

  • what we do to lead an active CEO lifestyle
  • the incredible people we meet
  • our favourite moments from the active CEO Podcast
  • a snapshot of the books we have read
  • love of learning in 2019
  • NRG2Perform and active CEO in 2019

Here are some of our favourite gems from the active CEO Podcast:

Anne Gripper – 6C’s of leadership
Rene Zondag – People are our greatest assets
Suzie Hoitink – Role modelling an active & healthy lifestyle in the workplace
Indiran Padayachee – Making mistakes & bringing options to the table
Trina Gordon – Being the lone women in the room
Mike DeNoma – 10,000 people taking a step to the right & create an earthquake
Dr Ndidi Nnoli-Edozien – Embracing failure
Tim Cosulich – Leading a family business
Kate Palmer – The corporate handbag
Chris Dean – Doing it with our money & paying the wages
Jamin Heppell & Jen Ziegner – Is this what I really want to be doing?
Michael Sewards – Standing on the curb & clipping the ticket.
Liza Pavlakos – Overcoming adversity & being the best version of yourself
Patrick Kidd OBE – The power of the Invictus Games
Dina Al-Tayeb – The Ironman passion

Recommended Reading:

Better Than Winning – Ben’s best selling book 

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