active CEO Podcast #7 Trina Gordon Recruiting the World’s Leaders

active CEO Episode 7 - Trina Gordon

Trina Gordon – CEO Boyden World Corporation

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole speak with Trina Gordon delving into what it takes to be a leading global CEO, how a client-centric focus enhances Boyden, the importance of diversity in the search executive industry, what female CEO’s bring to companies, why work life integration is vital to the success of CEO’s, and we take an in-depth look at the CEO interview process.

Trina Gordon

Trina Gordon is the CEO of Boyden World Corporation, ranked by Forbes as top 10 search executive firm in 2018. She became the Search Executive Industry’s first female CEO in 2011, when she was announced as the president and CEO of Boyden World Corporation. Trina is regarded for her commitment to client service, professional quality and integrity. Running, staying fit, eating well and riding her Harley Davidson, allow her to perform at the highest level when recruiting CEO’s and C-Level Executives to some of the world’s leading businesses and organisations, including Fortune 500 companies.

Trina talks about:

  • The ability to listen, learn and understand social customs, practices and morals with a global company.
  • Connecting with their partners, providing services, resolving problems, talking through issues and opportunities on a daily basis.
  • The importance of creating a unique and intermit Boyden experience for clients.
  • Developing a learning and development team led by Chris Sweeney, Gray Hollett and Breck Armstrong.
  • Learning, drawing out and soliciting client needs through listening skills with well-timed and quality questions.
  • Being the lone women in the room and needing to be incredibly well prepared.
  • The benefits of selecting women leaders and If you are going to be relevant in the world, diversity is key.
  • Understanding what goes on in another part of the world from a business, societal, economic and cultural perspective
  • Why social media can be beneficial to a CEO.
  • The importance of CEO’s being on Boards of other companies or organisations
  • The importance of continued dialogue at the CEO level, and making sure that the CEO and Board are transitioning together very effectively, over a period of time.
  • Being fearless in making recommendations that may not be the safest ones.
  • What the key drivers Boyden are looking for when recruiting CEO’s
  • Why running provides a great sense of the ability to put things into perspective.
  • Fitness keeping her well disciplined, focused and builds up extra energy reserves.
  • Riding her Harley Davidson and gaining a greater awareness of the world.
  • The importance of starting each day by centering yourself.
  • Being able to prioritise what is strategically important in the moment.



“If you are going to be relevant in the world, diversity is key.” with Trina Gordon. You can listen here

Why being nimble, earning trust, developing credibility, building relationships and being incredibly well prepared has been pivotal? Listen to Trina Gordon and gain an insight into leading by example on the active CEO Podcast.

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