active CEO Podcast #6 Indiran Padayachee Winning Only Matters

PCB Vol 6- Indiran Padayachee

Indiran Padayachee – Founder & CEO Rentcorp Forklifts

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole speak with Indiran Padayachee delving into his performance and precision mind, discussing immigrating from South Africa to Australia, working in Toyota, leading Rentcorp, allowing people to mistakes, investing in your competitors, innovation through diversification of staff, being an active CEO and why racing Porsche GT Cup cars is his ‘Golf” outlet.

Indiran Padayachee

Indiran Padayachee is the Founder, Director and CEO of Rentcorp Forklifts. Indiran immigrated to Australia in 1987 and has been building RentCorp, a Forklift rental company, in Sydney. Indiran is also a dedicated and very successful Porsche Cup competitor, which is one of the most competitive one make series in the world. He is a very humble, well respected, and leads through empowerment.

Indiran talks about:

  • The challenges of immigrating from South Africa to Australia in the 1980’s
  • Dealing with leaving behind a well-established lifestyle and family network
  • How working with Toyota gave him the stepping stones to starting his own business
  • Why it was important to work locally, get to know the culture, what was and wasn’t acceptable, business environment, and meeting customers and people
  • What the materials and handling industry involves and how it is evolving
  • The importance of a rapidly changing IT world
  • Investing time in knowing what your competitors are doing, finding alternatives, in-house training, empowering people and providing exceptional service.
  • Using a collaborative and empowerment centered leadership style
  • Allowing people to make mistakes
  • If someone needs a solution, then the present 3 options
  • How Rentcorp fosters innovation
  • Why the staff write down five points each day
  • Opportunities to discuss new ideas
  • Finding something simple
  • What he does to stay active and healthy
  • The alignment of motorsport and business
  • Why the sign in the Rentcorp Boardroom says “Business is Like a war, only winning matters.”
  • Innovation through diversification of staff
  • Motorsport being his ‘golf’ outlet
  • Mental preparation before opening the door handle
  • Precision in the process of racing a Porsche GT Cup car
  • Why his licence plate reads “My Way”.
  • His wife having the greatest impact on his career


“Business is Like a war, only winning matters.” with Indiran Padayachee. You can listen here

Why is the innovation through diversification of staff, and the alignment between driving a Porsche and business, so important to success? Listen to Indiran Padayachee and gain an insight into leading by example on the active CEO Podcast.

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