active CEO Podcast #4 Rene Zondag People Are Our Greatest Asset

PCB Vol 4- Rene Zondag

Rene Zondag – President Peter Burwash International

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole speak with Rene Zondag, having a thought-provoking and enjoyable discussion about why People Are Our Greatest Assets, the beauty of teaching and coaching, managing different culture environments, dealing with rejection, hiring humble people and how he leads an active CEO lifestyle.

Rene Zondag

Rene Zondag is a people person and you can feel the passion and warmth in his voice when he talks about people being our greatest assets. He is a global leader, having worked in no fewer than 8 countries across four continents. Rene is the President of Peter Burwash International, which he has had the privilege of working for the last 21 years. His humble, inclusive and passionate leadership style allows him to bring together colleagues from all corners of the globe to work in a united approach serving to making a difference in people’s lives.

Rene talks about:

  • Why leaving Netherlands was important for his growth and development
  • How changing cultures is great for self development
  • Connecting and understanding people is one of the most important life skills
  • Coping with working in environments where the language is not your first language
  • There is nothing more beautiful than teaching and coaching
  • Responsibility to prepare people for more than sports, to prepare them for life
  • PBI’s goal is to make great people
  • Why it sometimes takes a while before you realise the impact you have on people
  • The challenge of taking over as President from the founder who had been the leader for 40 years.
  • Appreciation and reward drive the human spirit
  • When there is no confidence it is very hard to perform
  • Managing and leading teams across different timezones and cultures.
  • Building relationships beyond the formal relationship
  • How he deals with rejection
  • High Performance CEO’s dealing with stress, people and emotions
  • Why 60-90minutes of quiet time each morning sets him up for a successful day
  • Learning a new habit
  • The importance of reading
  • Why hiring humble people is important to him
  • The art of asking questions is so powerful
  • Taking active holidays is important for CEO’s and leaders
  • What he does to be an active CEO
  • Why Peter Burwash has had the greatest impact on his career.


Discover People Are Our Greatest Assets with Rene Zondag. You can listen here

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