active CEO Podcast #3 Anne Gripper 6 C’s of Leadership

active CEO Podcast Ep 3 - Anne Gripper

Anne Gripper – CEO NSW Office of Sport

On this episode of the active CEO Podcast, Craig Johns and Ben Gathercole speak with Anne Gripper, having a thought-provoking and enjoyable discussion with Anne about her 6 C’s of leadership, sport as a vehicle for social cohesion, connecting a disenfranchised triathlon community, changing the culture of cycling at UCI and how she leads an active CEO lifestyle.

Anne Gripper

Anne Gripper is a trailblazing leader, as both a CEO, and a Board Chair and Director. Learn about her 6 C’s that define her leadership, how the Sydney Olympic Games changed her career, why she recently had a meeting in a jail, and what it took to gain trust and make a substantial change at UCI in the war against performance enhancing drugs. Not only is she a great leader, but she is also a very active CEO, who keeps fit, eats healthy and finds quality time to unwind and recover. 

Anne talks about:

  • Her working life being driven by wanting to make a difference.
  • How Juan Antonio Samaranch announcing that Sydney had won hosting rights for the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, was a defining moment.
  • Why community is a huge part of her life.
  • Why Females in Training continues to thrive, by giving women confidence.
  • The 6 C’s that define her leadership style
  • Connection was the most important leadership tool when bringing together a disenfranchised triathlon community.
  • Dealing with adversity and building trust when she was the wrong gender, came from the wrong part of the world and spoke the wrong language.
  • Her role as CEO of NSW Office of Sport.
  • Identify similarity of purpose.
  • Caring helped build trust.
  • My mind works better when my body feels good.
  • Have to have other things in life to put work into perspective.
  • Choosing the meetings to do mental preparation for where you know your contribution will be better.
  • Her first time having a Board meeting in a Jail.

Anne’s Roles

From the Australian Sports Commission in the 1990’s to stamping out performance enhancing drugs at the UCI (the world governing body for cycling), and ASADA (The Australian Sports Drug Agency) during the 2000’s to resurrecting Triathlon Australia in the 2010’s, and now at the helm of Sport & Recreation at the NSW Government Office of Sport, this remarkable lady continues to make a massive difference in the sporting industry.


Learn the 6 C’s that define Anne Gripper’s leadership. You can listen here

Sport provides a great canvas to create better lives for people. Listen to Anne Gripper and learn powerful insights on the active CEO Podcast.

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